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The Five Key Points For Men’s Wedding Bands

Kathryn Dieroff
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Most custom wedding band appointments begin with men settling in for a long conversation about what will be made for their fiancé, without having given much thought to what they want themselves. Truthfully, most women have done their research in advance, and we can sort out what she is looking for quickly. She typically knows what she wants. Quite often, a man has never worn a ring daily before, and has no real connection with what kind of wedding band would suit him. When men come in for custom wedding bands we can figure out the perfect style by answering five key questions.

  1. What colour metal do you want? At the most basic level, your choices are yellow or white. For yellow we go with gold. If you want white, then we can talk about whether white gold, platinum, silver, or one of the refractory metals are right for you. This will depend on budget, how you intend to wear your ring, and some other lifestyle considerations. For the more adventurous, we can talk about rose or green gold as options.
  2. How wide do you want it? The best way to answer this question is just to try things on. Try on 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, and 7mm. Most men’s rings fall within those sizes. Everyone’s finger and hand shape is different; see what works for you, and what feels comfortable.
  3. Do you like rounded or flat? This is a general question that can lead to more discussion on design. If you’re not sure where to start, begin with whether you prefer the look of a flat ring (a ring that has a rectangular cross-section, like cut pipe), or a rounded ring (one with a D-shaped or oval cross-section). In general, the rounded is more classic, the flat more modern.
  4. What surface treatment do you like? Do you like matte or shiny, hammered or beveled, engraved or plain? There are lots of directions we can go from here once we determine what works for you, and what definitely doesn’t.
  5. How can we make it personal? There are always ways to add something personal to your ring. Do you bike? Maybe we can add a bike tread pattern to your ring. Are you into climbing mountains? Perhaps we can carve or engrave the impression of a mountain range on your ring. Consider engraving a special message or your wedding date inside your ring, or add your partner’s birthstone. The little personal details is what custom made is all about.

Many men who don’t think they care about what they wear as a wedding band, will find they have definite preferences when they answer these questions. Once you get involved in the design and creation of your ring, it gets really exciting and feels really special. It is an object that you will wear every day for your lifetime that represents the special union between you and your partner.

I always love to talk about metallurgy, tools, and the process of creating a ring. Learning about how your ring is made and participating in it’s creation to make the perfect ring is the best start to having an heirloom piece that you love.