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365 Project

A 365 Project is a commitment to take and publish one photograph per day for an entire year. It is an excellent exercise in creativity, discipline, and finding your voice. In 2016 Kathryn participated in her first 365 Project. During that year she created and photographed one handmade glass bead per day. It was a very successful project that developed a large fanbase. For 2017, Kathryn has created a new challenge. Each month of 2017 will have a theme, and Kathryn will create a collection of Gold, Glass, and Textiles that represent the theme. Each day Kathryn will photograph and post about her work on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. For every month, a complete collection of 20-25 pieces will be created of accessories that all speak to each other and reflect the theme of the month. Follow along and see new work everyday!


2017 365

Kathryn creates three separate collections, but they are all part of the same body of work. This year's 365 Project's mission is to select a new theme each month, and to photograph the creation of a new collection of Gold, Textiles, and Glass that represent that theme. Up to 25 pieces are created each month including an engagement ring, wedding band, neckties, bow ties, pocket squares, and a complete collection of glass jewellery. Special projects like one of a kind enamel pieces and brand new designs are also explored. Along the way you can see work in progress, and photos that document the process of creating these accessories. 

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Glass Bead 365 Project - 2016

Kathryn's very first 365 Project was a challenge to make and photograph one handmade glass bead each day. The mission was to make without judgement, use colours that are normally not part of Kathryn's glass colour palette, and to publish photos of both the wins and the failures. Somewhere around day 200 Kathryn ran out of ideas, but this is where the magic really began to happen. Some of the beads made after getting 'stuck' were the best of the entire year. The beauty of the 365 Project model is to push beyond when you think you are done, and to make, even if it isn't your best work. The most amazing new designs come during this phase, and the support and feedback of the community help to keep things going strong. Each numbered bead was available for sale as a unique one of a kind pendant. Followers of the project got a chance to buy their favourites, whether it be their favourite colour, design, or the bead made on a date that was special to them.